Angry Birds 3D Display

Make use of those old books to create an amazing 3D display, starring everyone’s favorite game characters, Angry Birds (and Pigs)!

I started this project not really knowing what I’d make, but I’m extremely happy with the outcome! I’m a huge Angry Birds fan, so I wanted to create the characters with cardstock. The completed characters are then placed on a display stand made out of an old book to create a unique conversation piece! Follow the steps below to create your own masterpiece.

Items You’ll Need:

  • Cardstock
    • Red Angry Bird – red, orange, white, and black
    • Green Pig – Light Green, Neon Green, White, Yellow, Black, Beige
  • Black Pen (Medium Sharpie will also do)
  • Dark Green Pen (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Scratch Drawing Paper
  • Bling Embellishments
  • Old Book
  • Adhesive

Project Duration: 4 Hours (Most difficult part will be the sketches and character cutouts.)

Creating the 3D Display Stand

The first thing you’ll is an old book. If you don’t have one, you can find some in your local library’s book sale collection. The bigger the book, the bigger the display can be. In this particular project, I used a small paperback book.

Take the first page and fold it in half. Continue to do this for all the pages. Depending on the amount of pages, it could take you anywhere from 15-20 minutes to fold. But what you’ll end up with is amazing bouncy paper sculpture. This part of the project was inspired by Sandi Genovese 3D Photo Display. See her showgram for more details on this part.

Creating the Characters

Now, if you really want to take a shortcut, you can print out the Angry Birds characters that will create your scene. Just be sure to print them on heavy white cardstock so they’d be sturdy.

But I prefer to cut each pieces of characters out of cardstock because it gives them dimension. To do this, you’ll first need to sketch your characters on scratch paper and then use them as templates to cut out on colored paper. The characters have basic shapes, so it’s not too difficult. See the image below for the steps.

Start by drawing out a template on scratch paper. Tape it to your red cardstock and start cutting. Use adhesive to add the eyes and beak. You may want to outline the beak and eyes with the black pen before adhering them to the paper. Finally, outline the entire bird with a black pen. Be sure to color in the tail part.

And what’s a scene without a villain? Create your green pig by finding three shades of greens for all the parts.

Just like the bird, sketch out your character on scratch paper and tape it to the cardstock. Cut the shapes out for the eyes, mouth, nose, eyebrows, and ears. Outline with a dark green pen (or black pen). Don’t forget to add some blue bling on his crown! I found some cellphone bling jewels afterwards that worked perfectly. :)

Putting it all Together

Once you’re done with your characters, cut strips of cardstock, about half an inch or so and fold them in half. These will be put on the back of each character to support them in the pages of the book. Cut any excess strips off.

Adhere one end to the character and the other end to a page in the book. When you’re done, you’ll characters will be standing and popping out of the book. Be sure to add in your own style to the display.

Disclaimer: All Angry Birds characters are Copyrighted by RovioMobile.

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