Baby Gender Announcements

Baby Announcement Cards

My husband and I recently found out that we were having a baby girl. And I thought it was a great opportunity to create cards to send out to friends and family. Everyone was wondering and asking us, so it was really hard to keep the secret. I had to make the cards as quickly as I could and send them out!

My husband and I did a photoshoot and bought a few props to show that we’re having a girl — a giant pink stuffed dog and a pair of newborn pink shoes. After the photoshoot, I edited the photos in Photoshop and added text on it saying we’re having a baby girl. To cut the cost of printing, I put resized the photo to be 3×4″. That way, two photos will fit on one 4×6″ print. I sent off the photos to print at Costco and picked them up within an hour.

To speed things up even more, I used my DWCA envelopes and card package.

I wanted to do more with the cards of course, but due to time constraints, I did a quick and dirty job, but they turned out really nice anyhow!

I addressed each envelope and added pink and blue stamps to them. Stamps (and stickers) work best when things are going through the mail.