Collective Journey Garage Sale

Well I had an exciting weekend. Collective Journey was having their highly anticipated Garage Sale and my friend and I couldn’t wait! What is this, you may ask? Basically, just like any other garage sale except it’s at a store and the items are all from scrappers, crafters, and stampers!

When the store doors opened, I can honestly say there was no running or pushing, but boy did the ladies walk fast to the back of the store! There were tables filled high with papers, stamps, and other craft supplies. It was first come, first serve, so things were flying into baskets and bags pretty quickly. I saw these huge bags of Stampin’ Up ink pads and automatically threw them in my bag. There were a few more on the table, but I could only carry the two big bags, so I stopped with that. I didn’t realize the great bargain I got until I finally left the Garage Sale area. It was quite crowded and I made it out safely! 😉

I’m quite happy with my loot! These Stampin’ Up pads are usually $6+ each and ink refills are $3+ each. I got 24 stamp pads total plus their respective refills for $30, so I think this was quite a bargain! I figured, even if the ink pads were dried up, there was plenty of ink refills to give them life again. I wonder if the previous owner was a Stampin’ Up consultant or just gave up on stamping altogether. A lot of the ink pads haven’t even been opened yet. Whatever the reason, I’m very thankful. Now I have no excuse to not use stamps on all of my projects. 😉

I took this photo after I was done scoping out everything. The tables were piled much higher before us crafters raided the them..

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