Craft Time with my Toddler

My daughter crafting - 26 months

My daughter crafting – 26 months

Toddler Making PunchesI love getting artwork and crafts made by my daughter from her school, but I wish I was able to watch her create them. I decided to have some craft time with my daughter today so I can watch her be creative and let her imagination run wild.

I pulled out paints, brushes, papers, stickers, punches, confetti, glue sticks, and more to see what she would make. We first started with painting and she made two paintings for me.

Then we moved onto colored gluesticks, stickers, and punches. I showed her how the punches worked and she kept wanting to try herself. She had a lot of fun and I greatly enjoyed watching her make art. I wan’t wait to see what my craft-buddy-in-training will make next!

Toddler Painting