EK Success Cupcake Chain Edger Punch

I recently found this adorable edger punch at the craft store! It’s the Cupcake Chain Large Edger Punch from Ek Success. It puts the perfect finishing touches on a birthday card! I used it to decorate a birthday card envelope (see above). This put a smile on the birthday girl before she even opened the card!

How to Use
Simply punch the edge of the cardstock. It’ll punch 3 of the cupcakes out. To make the chain, match the already-punched-out cupcakes on one side to the outline, and punch again. You’ll then have 6 cupcakes. Continue doing this on both sides until the punch comes off the cardstock.


  1. Use this punch on several different colors of cardstock and save the leftover punches! You can use the various colors to decorate the top of the cupcakes!
  2. The punch may be a little bit thin for tape or other adhesive. Instead, use stickers to keep the cupcakes down. A cherry on top of the cupcakes would be cute!

Overall, I really love this punch because it’s so easy to use and is quite universal. You can use it for many projects like birthday cards, envelopes, and creating borders for your scrapbook pages.

You may find yourself having to press down a little harder to complete the punch, but that’s only because there’s so much details. It’s a large punch (a little bigger than your hand) and the quality is quite solid. I’d highly recommend it for your next birthday project.

One thing I wish the punch had was a way to capture all the tiny pieces from the cupcakes. Those little scraps go everywhere when I’m punching out cupcakes. So keep a small vacuum handy. :)

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