Cut the Rope Ornament

I’m a big “Cut the Rope” fan, so naturally, I’d want Om Nom on my Christmas tree! Make your own Om Nom with this fun and easy project!

What you’ll need:

  • Wooden Frame
  • Cardstock — White and light green
  • Black Sharpie or craft pen
  • Scissors
  • Pipecleaner
  • Pinwheel Brad
  • Tape
  • Adhesive

Project Duration: 30 Minutes

Creating Om Nom

The first thing you want to do is create your favorite “Cut the Rope” character, Om Nom! His character isn’t too hard to make, so have fun with it.

First you want to sketch out his body on a scrap piece of paper. As you can see, my sketch isn’t that great — his neck is too long. But that can all be fixed after a few cuts. Once you get your sketch, start cutting his body out.

I personally like having the body in two pieces — the head and body/legs. This gives a more 3D look when you put it together since the pieces will overlap. When you’re done with the cuts, highlight the edges of the two pieces with a black craft pen. Be sure to draw in the legs and sides of Om Nom’s body.

Next we want to do the teeth. Cut out 4 larger triangular shapes out of white paper. These do not have to be exact since they’ll be put behind his mouth. Adhere the teeth under his head and then color the edges with black pen.

Now sketch out the eyes on scrap paper. If you want them symmetrical, just fold the scrap in half and cut out the ovals. Now put the scrap on white cardstock and cut out the eyes. Once it’s cut, draw in the eyeballs and outline using a black pen. Adhere the eyes to the face and viola, you’re done with Om Nom!

Of course, you can skip all of these steps and print out Om Nom on your computer, but what would be the fun in that? :)

Attaching the Box (Frame)

You can usually find wooden frames in your local craft stores for about $1 or so. I found this painted one and it works perfectly since it looks like a box you can find Om Nom in! Adhere him to the frame and you’re done with this part.

Adding a Hanger

Bend the pipecleaner in half and then shape the sides to fit the back of the frame. Once you get it in position, tape it to the frame. (Hot glue may work better.) No worries if you make a mistake with the bends, just fit them to the frame, or snip off any excess pipecleaner.

I found these nifty pinwheel brads which worked really nicely as Om Nom’s candy! Attach the brad onto the pipecleaner to play the part of the candy.

Hang it on a tree or ornament hanger and you’re done!

Disclaimer: All Cut the Rope characters are copyrighted by ZeptoLab. Project is made for personal use only and is not for sale.

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