Card Project: Miss You Deerly!

This is one of my favorite cards so far! I made this for a co-worker who’s retiring. I just love the colors and inside the card, it says, “We Will Miss You Deerly!”

Time: 1 Hour

What you need:

I love decorating both the card and the envelope because it just brings smiles all around! to start, cut out a dear with your Cricut machine. Because changing paper takes a while to do, I recommend cutting a few at the same time so you can use it for future projects. For this project, I cut a dear at 2.5″ (for the card) and another at 2″ (envelope). You’ll need to use an assortment of cardstock paper since it’s three layers — black, and the two shades of brown/tan. Once cut, adhere the layers together for both deer.

For the second part, take a strip of pink cardstock about 3″ wide, and punch both edges with the Martha Stewart Eyelet Lace punch. Now take a thinner strip, about 2″ wide and punch both edges as well. The thicker strip will be used for the card and the thinner one will be for the envelope. Take a strip of ribbon and cover the thicker pink cardstock and adhere in the back.

For the flowers, thread some of your favorite petals together onto a brad. Then puncture the thicker pink cardstock and add the flowers and brad. Do the same but with smaller flowers on the thinner strip of pink cardstock.

Now select a card pattern from the box. I liked the pastel designs of this one. Adhere the entire thicker pink cardstock onto the card. Now you’re halfway there. Add the 2.5″ deer with foam tape onto the card and you’re done! Do the same with the envelope and add the smaller deer.

Add some embellishments (I added the leaf on the card and the butterfly on the envelope) and personalize the envelope with a name and you’ll surely make someone smile. Enjoy!

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