Scrapp’n a Gift – an 8×8 Scrapbook

One of my favorite scrapbook projects was one I made for my best friend. I know she loves bright colors (especially purple and pink), butterflies, cupcakes, and I wanted to make something special that would combine all of her interests.

The first thing I did was head down to my local scrapbook store to purchase a few things. I had a lot of ideas already floating in my head, but I always get more inspired when I’m at the store. They’re always samples projects all over the store to look at!

When you making a scrapbook as a gift for someone, I highly recommend 8×8 books. Not only are they much quicker to make, they’re also the right size for someone to carry around. Bigger books like 12×12 require much more planning time, supplies, and photos. While smaller books may require more cropping and resizing of photos. 8×8 is just right since 4×6 photos fit very well. Plus it’s a standard size so finding paper is much easier.

Step 1: Buy Scrapbook Supplies

When making projects for others, I always try to keep the person in mind and purchase things that would make them know that I made this uniquely for them.

For this particular project, I purchased:

Step 2: Add Paper

If you purchased a paper stack, this step is easy. Start sliding some of the papers into the scrapbook slots. This gives you an idea of how the book will flow. For the first page, think about what would look best with the the interior book cover color/pattern. This goes with the last page as well. The middle pages would look better if the two sheets of papers are matching — either by patterns or colors.

Step 3: Print Photos

This is usually the hard part for me. Picking photos for a book is hard because I want to pick the best ones and also ones that highlight the person’s life. For this particular book, I went through the last 3 years of photos and tried to print 2 or more of each event. That way, when I go to make the book, I have a few to choose from.

Most 8×8 scrapbooks will hold 20 pages. So it’s recommended that you print at least 20 photos. I actually prefer to print at least 5 or more than I need just for choices. My mind changes when I actually work on the book. Have your photos printed and then we can start on the fun part!

Step 4: Preview the Book

So now you have papers in the book, and an envelope of photos in your hand. Spread out the photos and group them together by events, colors, etc. — whatever you like. Start figuring out how they would fit in the book and slide those photos into scrapbook page slots. No need to tape down anything yet! We’re just going to preview to make sure we have (1) enough photos and (2) like the way the book looks. You’ll find yourself rearranging photos around a bit or replacing paper to make them match better.

Step 5: Putting it Together

Once you’re happy with your page and photo layouts, it’s time to adhere the photos to the paper! Be sure to use some sort of acid-free double-sided tape. The best kinds are the ones in dispensers that you can easily roll on. Start adhering one photo to each of the papers.

Be sure to have your embellishments out — stickers, ribbons, vellum sayings, rub-ons, etc. are all great! They add the finishing touches. As you adhere the photo to the paper, get creative and add a sticker here and there. Stickers do double-duty by holding down the photo as well as look pretty! They work really well when you adhere vellum.

Once you’re done with the book, put it in gift bag, wrapped in beautiful tissue papers and you’re all set! Don’t forget to make a matching card!

Seeing it all come together is quite magical. But what’s better than is seeing the expression on your friend’s face. That’s the moment you’ll absolutely cherish!

Project Tips

  • Give yourself time. Be sure to plan the project ahead of time so you’re not rushing though it. From start to finish, 2-3 weeks is recommended.
  • Jot down ideas. Brainstorm and write a few ideas on your phone or a piece of paper to take with you to the scrapbook store. If you’re anything like me, you can get easily distracted with all the projects that the project at hand doesn’t have enough thought into it.
  • It doesn’t have to be perfect! I’m notorious for trying to make every page perfect — edges of all photos must be straight and aligned correctly, colors must match, etc. But I learned that the less I think about those things, the more I have fun with it. Plus your friend would be so happy, those little things wouldn’t matter.

Other Supply Ideas

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