Cut out a Cube Version of Hello Kitty!

March is National Craft Month, so I’m going to attempt to make as many projects as I can this month! The first project is this Hello Kitty CubeeCraft. I was browsing CubeCraft (pronounced “kyoob-ee”) last night and was so deeply inspired. CubeeCraft are papercraft toys that feature interlocking tabs for construction — no glue or tape needed! The templates for the toys are designed to fit standard 8 1/2 x 11 letter paper. All you have to do is find the model you want, print, cut, and fold!

The one I chose was Hello Kitty. You can download the template here.


  • Use white cardstock paper. This will make the toy more sturdier.
  • Print on a color printer. It just gives the toy more life!
  • Before printing, set your paper type to be ‘cardstock.’ This will print your toy out in richer colors.
  • Be sure to lay out a cutting mat and have a craft knife ready. There will be a lot of tabs and slits to cut out. You’ll also need a nice pair of scissors to cut the majority of the toy.
  • Assemble the body first, then add the head and legs next. Add the arms last.

Hello Kitty Cubeecraft is a little more complex that the some of the other ones. She has 5 cutout parts for her. It’ll take about an hour or so to cut and assemble her, but it was sure worth it! There’s plenty of other toys to choose from, so give it a try.

Also, be sure to check out your local craft stores for special National Craft Month sales and classes! Have an inspiring month and happy crafting!

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