Lowe’s Build and Grow Claw Machine

Lowe's Claw Machine

I was shopping at Lowe’s last week and saw an ad for their Build and Grow Kid Workshops. They were going to make a claw machine! I was quite excited and when I got home, I tried to register my daughter for the workshops. Unfortunately, these are really popular and registration was already filled up.

A little bit disappointed, I sent @Lowes a tweet. And they replied!

And this tweet made me so happy. This was the tweet that made me decide to take my daughter to Lowe’s this morning. We were hoping to get a chance to make a claw machine.

When my family got to our local Lowe’s this morning, the sweet gal in charge of the event gave us a clipboard to register and said she had plenty of extra kits. I was so happy to hear this! So my daughter got a set to build. The benches were quite packed with lots of kids and their parents hammering away. So we opted to just take the kit, do some shopping, and build it when we got home.

I already purchased her a hammer last week, so we had everything we needed. I set up a table for her in the backyard and we started building our little claw machine. We put the wood pieces together and hammered in the nails on the side. Then slide in the window and looped the hook through. Punched our our toys and added them into the machine. And then finally added the finishing touches to the claw machine. My daughter figured out how it worked and was having so much fun.

Thanks Lowe’s for the awesome claw machine kit, but thank you mostly for the amazing learning experience. Not only did my daughter learned how to use tools and build things, this experience also helped strengthen our mother-daughter bond. Thank you for always putting families first!

Lowe's Build and Grow Kid Workshop

Lowe's Build and Grow Kit

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