Scrapbook Expo 2008 Photos

With the all of the excitement of Scrapbook Expo 2011, Anaheim, CA just around the corner, it made me think of my first time attending the conference. It was back in 2008. I attended the Ontario, California conference and it just made my scrapbook and crafty world explode. I had no idea how big this industry was. There were all sorts of embellishments that I’ve never seen before. I just loved it! I’m encouraging all my crafty friends to attend so we can inspire each other to be creative. :)

Also, if you haven’t purchased your Scrapbook Expo 2011, Anaheim, CA ticket(s) yet, be sure to drop by Sparkle N Sprinkle! They’re selling tickets for $4 (instead of $9 at the show) per day. In addition, they’re the early bird tickets so you’ll be able to enter the Expo at 9am instead of 10am. Wonderful and friendly staff to get your on your way to the Expo! But hurry, while it’s still available online. The Expo is next weekend — Feb 25-27, 2011.

And now, here’s a trip down memory lane. My first Scrapbook Expo — Ontario, CA 2008!

No flash? You can also see the photo gallery here.

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