Create a Spring Ornament

Time: 25 minutes

What You’ll Need:

This spring ornament idea was inspired by a few weddings I went to. Some of the decor included large styrofoam balls decorated with plastic flower buds. I always loved that idea, and this was a simple way to make my own.

I’m using a much smaller styrofoam ball — 50mm. You can use whichever side you’d like. Just keep in mind, you’d want to keep the flowers proportional to the size of the styrofoam ball.

Run a flower petal into a small brad. Then poke the brad into the styrofoam ball. You have your first petal down. Now repeat and continue until the entire styrofoam ball is covered with your flower petals. You may want to alternate the brad color and flower petals so you get a splash of all the colors.

Before you put in the last flower, take the brad and run the flower and both ends of the ribbon in it, then add it to the styrofoam ball. Now you have a string to hang your ornament on.

Punch out a butterfly on cardstock or double-sided scrapbook paper. With a craft knife, make a small slit on the butterfly’s body. Find a position where you’d want the butterfly to sit on. Remove the brad from the flower there and run it through the butterfly and back onto the flower.

This is a fun project you can apply to any season. You can have reindeers prancing on poinsettias for Christmas, a cat prowling on fall flowers for Halloween, a leprechaun in a field of green clovers, etc. Be creative and have fun!

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