Super Mario Cube

I created a Mario Cubeecraft earlier this week because he reminds me so much of my childhood. I never really played the game when I was a kid, but I remember seeing him in the stores a lot. And now I have my very own Mario toy. 😉

So Mario is the second Cubeecraft I made. The first one was Hello Kitty. They’re fun to make, but requires a bit of patience, a lot of cutting and folding. But the ending result is so much fun!

You can make Mario too. Just download and print the Mario Cubeecraft template on standard 8 1/2 x 11 letter paper. I highly recommend white cardstock and change your printer setting to recognize it’s cardstock paper. This will give the paper toy the sturdiness it needs and the crisp colors. Cut the template using scissors, and the slits using a craft knife. Once you’re all done, put Mario together. (See this post for more Cubeecrafts..)

My ultimate goal is to make a cool 3D Super Mario Papercraft Magnet Board! Isn’t it nifty? I know you want to make one too.. 😉

Super Mario Bros Board
Photo and craft project by: Laboratory 424

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