Yo Gabba Gabba Quilt

Yo Gabba Gabba

My daughter and I worked on a “family picture quilt” for her school. She just started a new school and everyone gets to make a quilt that tells everyone about the child. We were allowed to put anything we wanted on it. The school gave us a blank 12×12 piece of fabric to work with.

Yo Gabba Gabba QuiltI thought long and hard and decided on a Yo Gabba Gabba theme because my daughter LOVES the show and characters so much. She takes Foofa with her everywhere (they’ve been through a lot together!) So what better way of expressing who my daughter is than a quilt piece with her friends on it?

We kept the quilt piece pretty simple since it was getting late in the evening. I went to NickJr.com and downloaded and printed some fun artwork on white cardstock. (See links below.)

I cut out Foofaland and adhere yellow cardstock behind it, so the quilt was more square. I then added a family photo behind Foofaland, but in front of the yellow background. This gives it some dimension (like it’s sitting behind Foofaland).

Next, I folded Muno and Brobee so they would stick out, and glued them to the quilt.

I then did the same to the image of Plex, Foofa, and Toodee.

On the top left corner, I added a Yo Gabba Gabba bubble that had my daughter’s name in it. I created the image in Photoshop and printed this out.

Last, to put it all together, my daughter and I used various brads and punched them through the paper. I could have used a glue gun, but since I didn’t have one near me, I improvised. We were both very happy with the result!

My daughter was so happy and proud of the quilt, she couldn’t wait to show it to her class.

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